With the economic globalization develops, China has become known as“the World Factory”.

When competing in the global maketplace, have you ever encountered any barriers with regard to the culture, economics, legal system and so on?

Now we are here to safeguard you through the whole trade process.


When you plan to procure or OEM\ODM from China, we can :

 Custom design the commercial terms with your counter-party in China.

 Draft and review contracts to protect you from potential risks such as deposit embezzlement, quality nonconformity, late shipment, price fluctuation and other kinds of breach of contracts. 

 provide legal advice on multi-transportation,insurance policy  and E-commerce. 

Negotiate with counter-party or take civil actions to achieve the best positioning in the case.


When you plan to invest in China, we can:

 Provide in-depth China market legal service by professional legal consultants with fluent English and Chinese.

Guide you to operate in compliant with China legal system to avoid economic crimes. 

 Protect your Intellectual Property including but not limited to trade marks, patents, copyright, business secrets from infringement.

Run a background check on the intended counter-party and examine if the company is in good standing.

We have have extensive experience dealing with transnational marriage, inheritance, company setup and bankruptcy, etc.

We prefer to give you an edge in negotiations rather than lead you into a dispute, however, if unfortunately your legitimate rights and interests have been violated, we are ready to help.

Our core team members have 10+ years experience as a lawyer. We have represented clients from all over the world. We have challenged with all kinds of complex lawsuits. We always strive to provide our clients with exceptional legal service. No matter where you are, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Who we are & the value we can bring you

Silk International Trade Lawyer Team, affiliated to Beijing Yingke (Shenzhen) Law Firm, is composed of a group of lawyers with deep theoretical foundation and rich practical experience.

Silk International Trade Lawyer Team, using Chinese and English as working languages, focuses on legal services for Chinese and foreign companies in the commercial field.

We act as the company's perennial legal counsel and provide legal services required for the company's daily operations, covering various aspects such as equity structure, labor-management relations, contract risks, and debt disputes.

We are particularly good at providing differentiated legal services for foreign trade companies, including designing complex trade structures, drafting and reviewing international trade contracts, international trade litigation and arbitration, international cargo transportation and insurance, international trade intellectual property protection, international e-commerce, Defense, prevention and control of international economic and trade crimes.

Silk International Trade Lawyer Team is based in Shenzhen, has two service centers in Dubai and Chengdu, and relies on the domestic and international networks of Beijing Yingke Law Firm to provide laws covering 78 major cities across the country and 141 regions in 82 countries around the world. service.

Silk International Trade Lawyer Team will work hard to give full play to its own advantages to clear the fog and escort for clients in the fight in the commercial sea.

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Professional Lawyer Team in China

Since his arrival in Shenzhen in 2006, Alex Lau has devoted himself to international trade,and founded a international trade company 12 years ago, has rich practical experience and related resources in the field of international trade.

As a team member of YINGKE Since 2018, Lawyer Alex Lau still focuses on international trade and provides various commercial legal services for international trade enterprises.

Alex Lau

David Lau has a Master of Law from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. He has been a partner lawyer for more than 10 years. He has served as legal adviser for many foreign-funded enterprises and provides legal services for clients' domestic investment and international trade. 

The clients who have served or are serving include: Xing X Holding Co. Ltd.; Wei X Holding Co. Ltd.; Li X Holding Co. Ltd; Yi X Co. Ltd.; Ying X Co. Ltd; Tai X Zipper Co. Ltd; San XX Feng Co. Ltd; Zhou X Jewelry Co. Ltd; Qian X Group (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd; Sheng X Promotion Bureau of Hong Kong; Ri X (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd ; Hong Kong X factory Association Co. Ltd; Asia XX intermodal transport; Hong Kong XX daily, Qi X industry (Group) Co. Ltd.; XX (Far East) Co. Ltd.; Quan XX Co. Ltd; Shi X Industrial Co. Ltd., Ju X Group; Ya XX Co. Ltd.; etc.  

Lawyer Daivd Lau

Henry Li started his legal career since 2007. He worked in Guandong High Seas Law Firm(a maritime law firm), Shanghai Boss & Young Law Firm(an international law firm) and Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical technology Co.(NYSE Listed, a well-known Chinese medical equipment company) before joining Yingke. 

Henry is one of the founders of Yingke Law Firm Middle East Office in Dubai and worked there for long time. Henry is experienced in dealing with foreign-related legal cases, like foreign investment in China, counseling for foreign invested companies, overseas investment to Middle East, international trade (contracts, L/C, L/G and dispute resolution), Maritime and Admiralty cases, international marriage cases and foreign related IPR protection. In 2016 Henry was selected by Chinese government to UK Barristers Association for international legal practice exchange, and he has wide connections with lawyers worldwide.

Lawyer Henry Li


Jenny Jiang has Bachelor of Economics, Juris Master, the securities qualification certificate, and TEM-8 certificate; She is good at handling foreign-related legal cases such as international trade disputes, foreign-related marriage disputes etc.

Lawyer Jenny Jiang

Core Business Areas

  • Transaction design of international trade

  • Litigation and arbitration of international trade

  • Economic crime defense and prevention

  • Intellectual property protection in international trade

  • International e-commerce legal services

  • Legal counsel for foreign-related companies

  • Draft and review of International trade contracts

  • International cargo transportation and insurance

  • Guaranty and L/C

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